The Golden Age of the Pop Icon - The Mall Galleries

Heart Throb exhibition,

Tonight is the culmination of a project that I started in 1978, I finally took on to the Dragons Den and here we are putting the exhibition together.

Possibly the biggest show I will ever put on, and we have managed to get some great photo’s  and paintings for the walls. The BBC are filming for a follow up of Dragons Den which is slowing up the hanging process , and we have a band rehearsing in the ICA next door , which is upsetting our BBC soundman, I am later to find out that it was ‘Noah and the Whale’ who I got chatting too at the Isle of Wight festival and they had popped in to see the exhibition. Many friends have turned up to help , Drew and Johannes both team leaders took control and Victoria as always with lists of things to be done.

The Terry O ‘Neill classic photos of Frank Sinatra are much bigger than expected  and so is Dennis Morris Sex Pistols photos but everything seems to fit really well.